Corporate Evergreen

Streamlined Working Capital Management

The Corporate Evergreen Account combines the superior returning capability of a term-based cash investment, with your choice of notice period. You can select a notice period that allows you the flexibility to forecast future cash flows and you can add to your account whenever you like. Surplus working capital can be administered through one account, removing the need to manage investment rollovers or renegotiate interest rates.

Maximise returns

Maximising returns from working capital is a priority for every organisation. The Corporate Evergreen Account (CEA) includes intelligent features that work to maximise your returns. 

Flexible management tools

Organisations have the ability to choose the notice period of the Corporate Evergreen Account based on their future capital requirements providing the control and flexibility needed to effectively manage working capital.


Available in AUD, USD and SGD in Singapore and AUD, USD and HKD in Hong Kong.